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Welcome to Old West LaserGraphic Inc., specializing in custom Co2 laser engraving, where your imagination is the only limitation. If you can dream it up, odds are I can engrave it on your firearm.

I'm also a CAS shooter, so I take the time to listen to your ideas and suggest constructive solutions to create a one-of-a-kind design, that not only looks the way you want it, but also serves a purpose. Many of my customers bring their own artwork or logo to engrave, those that don't, the work we create together is backed up, for future reference if necessary.

Certain types of drawings engrave better than others on wood. Black and white line art is the best choice on a gun-stock. All of my designs are createdon a graphics program that then sends the information to the laser, therefore with this technology you can let your creativity run rampant with endless possibilities. All this can be done while you wait. An average engraving takes 45minutes - 2 hours, depending on the workload.

I am constantly coming up with new and unique designs. Besides the regular factory checkering, you have the option to design your own type of checkering. Examples of this are on this site....being the popular barbed wire checkering and the star checkering. But with what you have in mind, or send me and email...either way, I'm confident I can make it happen.



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Wood is the most popular medium, but I also engrave stag, ivory and buffalo horn, which brings stunning results. Ivory engraves jet black when the laser beam hits it, while buffalo horn turns a beautiful copper-gold color. I also engrave Micarta and just about any synthetic material on the market. Leather, glass, mirror, and marble are other materials I have engraved.

Each medium has its own power and speed settings that have to be perfected. My designs must be life-like and eye catching to meet my high standards. I am very proud of my work and it shows!

If you are unable to attend a SASS shoot in your area, you can mail your gunstock or grips to me. I do many engravings thru the mail and the turn around time is usually one week or less. Please be sure to contact me through email, mail or phone before sending the item to me.


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